To Whom Much Is Given-The History of Graduates’ Christian Fellowship

To Whom Much Is Given-The History of Graduates’ Christian Fellowship

Bobby E.K. Sng and Tong Suit Chee (Graduates’ Christian Fellowship, 2005)

This second edition is an update on the history of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF) by Dr Bobby Sng, who first traced the events of the Fellowship from 1955-1992 in the first book. Published in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the GCF, the new book has six additional chapters. These chapters are - the Fellowship’s events from 1993-2001, and from 2001-2005, key events in GCF’s history, list of GCF Presidents, list of Theological Scholarship Fund Recipients and key facts on GCF today.

As highlighted by Dr Sng in the preface, the book serves to answer questions from a new generation of graduates, who has come on the scene and may not know much of the GCF. It attempts to answer questions such as – why and how was the fellowship found? What does it seek to do? What have been some of the problems or issues faced? How has it succeeded or failed in achieving its aims?

It is interesting to read about the GCF’s beginnings on 25 June 1955 till 2005 –and to see God’s faithfulness throughout these years. Indeed, by 2005, the Fellowship has attracted more than 500 members, and grown to be the legal umbrella for five sectional groups, seven ministries and one associated ministry.

The book faithfully records GCF’s far-reaching impact through the decades. It highlighted various initiatives such as making numerous representations, organising seminars and publishing books over many issues facing society and the Christian community. The Fellowship had also supported 16 Christians (including two bishops) through the Theological Scholarship Fund; raised funds to support various Christian organisations, the Fellowship of Evangelical Students and Discipleship Training Centre, and initiated St Luke’s Hospital.

A good read for those who are keen to know more about GCF, its vision, challenges and activities in its first 50 years of history.

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