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GCF has added a complete collection of Regent College Audio Lecture Series to the GCF Multi-Media Resource Library. This set of MP3 format CD offers refreshing perspectives of our faith – Christology, Biblical Theology, Old and New Testament Foundation, Church History, Book Studies and many contemporary issues like globalization, discovering Gospel through arts, cross-cultural ministry etc. They are excellent guideposts to our spiritual journey.

Also, there is a series of inspirational and challenging Bible Expositions delivered by Ravi Zacharias on Biblical heroes, Christian character growth and spirituality etc. GCF Multi-Media Resource Library is created for You - So come, borrow, hear and be blessed by these wondrous messages by great preachers!


How can I borrow?

The GCF Multi-Media Resource Library is open to all GCFers. One can borrow up to Two CDs / VCDs / DVDs for three weeks.

Please call the GCF Office at 63386283 or email to for check the availability of your desired titles. Upon your reservation, the Library will hold the CDs/VCDs/DVDs titles up to a week for your collection at the GCF Office.

A S$ 10-00 refundable deposit shall be paid when you sign out the CDs/VCDS/DVDs and the deposit will be refunded upon the return of the borrowed items. The deposit is primarily used for the replacement of any damaged or misplaced CDs/VCDs/DVDs.

Regent College Audio Titles (MPS Format)

The complete collection of Regent College Audio Lecture Series
Various authors (Regent College)

Ref Title Author
RC01 Systematic Theology A
God, Communication & Communion
J. I. Packer
RC02 Systematic Theology B
Creation, Anthropology, Christology & Soteriology
John Stackhouse, Jr
RC03 Systematic Theology C
The Holy Spirit, the Church & Last Things
Gordon Smith
RC04 Biblical Theology Gordon Fee & Bruce Waltke
RC05 Old Testamemnt Theology Bruce Waltke
RC06 New Testament Theology Rikk Watts
RC07 Old Testaments Foundations Iain Provan
RC08 History of Christianity I John B Toews
RC09 History of Christianity II Don Lewis
RC10 Historical Theology Victor Shepherd
RC11 Puritan Theology for Today J I Packer
RC12 Evangelism, Globalization & Cross-Cultural Ministry Charles Ringma & Darrell Johnson
RC13 Mission in a World of Globalization William Taylor
RC14 Theology in a New Key
Re-discovering the Gospel in the Arts
Jeremy Begbie
RC15 Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Life Bruce Waltke & V Philips Long
RC16 Soulcraft Eugene Peterson
RC17 The Holy Spirit in Life & Theology Clark Pinnock
RC18 Ministry & Spirituality Paul Stevens & Darrell Johnson
RC19 The Holy Spirit and Counseling Siang-Yang Tan
RC20 Preaching & Worship Darrell Johnson
RC21 Finding the Rest of Your Life Phil Long
RC22 Heart-keeping
The Personalizing of the Christian Life
James Houston
RC23 Ethics of Grace Paul Helm
RC24 Liberating Grace Alan Torrance
RC25 Footprints of Jesus Bruce Milne
RC26 The Meaning of the Sacraments Gordon Smith
RC27 Tell It Slant Eugene Peterson
RC28 From Tertullian to Tutu
2000 years of Christian History in Africa & Their Significance for Christianity
Andrew Walls
RC29 The Gospel in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Ralph Wood
RC30 Evening Public Lectures (May – Jul 2003) Various Speakers 3

Messages by Ravi Zacharias (CD)

Bible Expositions delivered by Ravi Zacharias on Biblical heroes, Christian character growth and spirituality
Ravi Zacharias (Ravi Zacharias Ministry)

Ref Title Author
RZ01 Brittle Clay in Tender Hands Ravi Zacharias
RZ02 Convictions that Conquered the World Ravi Zacharias
RZ03 I Isaac Take You Rebekah Ravi Zacharias
RZ04 Is There a Cost? Ravi Zacharias
RZ05 Is There Not a Cause? Ravi Zacharias
RZ06 Lessons from History : The Tale of Two Men Ravi Zacharias
RZ07 Lessons from Royalty Ravi Zacharias
RZ08 Marching to a Different Drummer Ravi Zacharias
RZ09 Not for Ours Only Ravi Zacharias
RZ10 Saul : A Life that Lost its Focus Ravi Zacharias
RZ11 The Constancy of God in a Changing World Ravi Zacharias
RZ12 The Prophet Marries a Prostitute Ravi Zacharias
RZ13 Where is the Glory? Ravi Zacharias
RZ14 Absolute Truth in Relative Terms Ravi Zacharias
RZ15 Barriers to Belief Ravi Zacharias
RZ16 The Holy Spirit : God at His Most Empirical Ravi Zacharias
RZ17 Christ the Model for Missions Stuart McAllister

Titles on Creation vs Evolution

Various authors (Regent College)

Ref Title Author
OR01 Journeys to the Edge of Creation – The Milky Way & Beyond  
OR02 Journeys to the Edge of Creation – Eskimo Nebula  
OR03 Journey Towards Creation – Eskimo Nebula  
OR04 Understanding the Logic of Design – Eskimo Nebula  
OR05 Computer Modeling of Large Scale Tectonics (1994); 1998 Update  
OR06 Fundamental Experiments on Stratification  
OR07 From a Frog to a Prince/From a Princess to a Frog  
OR08 The Formation of Ayers Rock – Evidence for Noah’s Flood  
OR09 The Deep Waters of Evolution  
OR10 Continental Drift, Tectonics and the Flood  
OR11 The Cooling of Thick Igneous Rocks on a Young Earth  
OR12 Evolution: Fact or Belief  
OR13 Human Origins: Creation or Evolution: Image of God  
OR14 The Young Age of the Earth  
OR15 Is Man a Descendant of 5 million-year Old Hominids? Dr Kurt Wise
OR16 Unlocking the Mystery of Life  
OR17 Does the Soul Exist? Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Cartesian/Biblical Views Versus Asian Views (Power-Pt Format) Prof K O Lee
OR18 Contact – Discerning Evidence for Design in the Universe (DVD format)  
OR19 Hierarchal Information Content in Coding Non-coding DNA Sequences (DVD format) Prof Dean Kenyon
OR20 Icons of Evolution  

Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD format)


OR22 A Literal Interpretation of Genesis and Scientific Evidence  
OR23 Lucy, She's no lady  
OR24 The God delusion debate Richard Hawkins vs J Lennox
OR25 Grand Canyon-Monument to the Flood  
OR26 Hubble, Bubble, Big Bang in Trouble  
OR27 The Privileged Planet  
OR28 The Case for a Creator  
OR29 Introduction to String Theory Prof Brian Green
OR30 The Voyage that shook the world CMI
OR31 Aliens, UFO's and the Bible  
OR32 The R UFO Hypothesis  
OR33 UFO's: The Christian Perspective Dr Hugh Ross/Dr Aw Swee Eng

The Soviet Phobos Mission


OR35 Einstein's  General Theory of Relativity, Starlight and Time Dilation Dr Russel Humphreys


Relativistic Christian Cosmology Dr Russel Humphreys
OR37 Stephen Hawkins' Universe and Black Holes and Beyond Dr Wilder Smith
OR38 Icons of Evolution  
OR39 Probability and Quantum Physics: The Christian Approach

Dr Erika Carlson, Dr Hugh Ross

OR40 Experiments in Stratification Guy Berthault

 Equipping Christians with the Right Answers:Project 3:15

Interactive CD-Roms

 The Dead Sea Scrolls:Mysteries and Riddles? Documentary Presentation and Discussions

OR43 Einstein's General Theory of Relativity: A Christian Perspective

Dr Hugh Ross

OR44 Evidence For the World Wide Universal Flood of Noah  



Titles on Comparative Religions (CD Format)

Ref Title  
CR01 The World of Islam/Understanding the World of Islam  
CR02 Antheism vs Christianity  

Titles on Contemporary Issues

Various authors (Regent College)

Ref Title Author
OT01 Homosexuality – Myths & Truths (CD) Dr Melvin Wong