Living Wisely, Finishing Well-A Collection of Sermons

Living Wisely, Finishing Well-A Collection of Sermons

The Rt Rev John Tan Teng Wai (Edited by Ms Tong Suit Chee) (Graduates' Christian Fellowship, 2007)

As part of its vision to contribute towards Christian thinking and a Biblical voice, the Graduates' Christian Fellowship has decided to launch a series of books featuring sermons, messages or talks by its members. The first of these books is a collection of 15 sermons by The Right Rev John Tan Teng Wai, who was the GCF President for three terms in the 1970s. He was also the founding principal of St Andrew's Junior College and a Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore.

Leaning towards a Biblical and expository teaching style, The Right Rev John Tan Teng Wai shared his messages given over the past decades. The topics are- Living Wisely; Life's Time Zone; Facing the Future; Beyond the Third Generation; Signs of Backsliding; Commitment, Submission and Partnership; To Judge or Not To Judge; How Sharp is Your Mission Vision?; God Uses Ordinary People; Serving Without Fanfare; Following Christ Is No Sentimental Journey; Don't Forget Your Position; God's Grace; Christmas; and Finishing Well. Some really well-thought-out and good sermons.

In the sermon “Living Wisely”, the author cautions readers to beware of covetousness (Luke12: 22-34) and beware of worrying (Luke 12:22-34). He reminds us that in this day and age, many people are in danger of being covetous although they think they are not. Like the rich farmer, we think wealth and possessions will give us the insurance for a good and long life. Instead we should not store things up for ourselves but be rich towards God.

The author gives some advice on overcoming worry. We need to realise that God knows our needs because He is our heavenly Father and He is the God who loves us. Next, we need also to develop a heavenly vision and learn to put God’s kingdom first in everything because that is an everlasting kingdom. If our hearts are set on the transient things in this world, then we will always worry. But if our hearts are set on things eternal, then God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds from worrying.

The two sermons, which I found most insightful, are Life’s Time Zones (Ecclesiastes 3:1-17) and Beyond the Third Generation (Joshua 24 to Judges 2:23). The first deals with our times of life on earth and eternity’s time zone –and their challenges. He gave some steps for a greater sense of timing in life. These are – present your schedule to God, monitor your attitude for gratitude, and invest your time in what will last.

Beyond the Third Generation discusses the three phases of generation drift and gives some tips on checking the generation drift. These are – build up a godly legacy in our home, test the beliefs of your parents so that they an have firsthand experiences with God, and we need to realise that there is a time for everything, time is not always on our side and we need to strike when the iron is hot.

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