In His Good Time-The Story of the Church in Singapore, 1819 - 2002

In His Good Time-The Story of the Church in Singapore, 1819 - 2002

Dr Bobby Sng (Bible Society of Singapore/Graduates' Christian Felowship-2003)

This is an excellent read providing a clear overview of the history of the Church in Singapore, right up to the present.

Here are some comments about this book:

"It is a special joy to commend this third edition of the story of Christians in Singapore. There is an increased sense of history today. Our fast changing social landscape is the arena of divine grace, sovereignty and goodness and these are reflected in the latest edition of this much read and used standard text. Our debt to Dr. Sng is further deepened by the fact that even in his “retirement” years, he has offered us his labour of love. He seeks to provide a much needed perspective and wisdom for present and future generations. The book calls all Christians to be involved and to be responsible for the continuing story of the Gospel in our island state."

- The Rt. Rev. Dr. John Chew (Bishop of Singapore)

"Dr. Sng’s In His Good Time has become a classic history of the Church in Singapore. This revised edition updates the story, covering the final decade of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. In a world that is going through turmoil and unimagined changes, God is still at work in His Church and leading His mission. Christians face unprecedented challenges and the need to discern God’s will, defend His truth, and actively proclaim and demonstrate His love in Christ continues. Dr. Sng has done the Church a great service by carefully noting what God is doing in, among and through His people."

- Bishop Dr. Robert Solomon (The Methodist Church in Singapore)

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