GCF/CSF Noonday Lectio Divina & Prayer- (Every Thursday)

Date: Thursday, 15 June, 2023
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

 " In place of our exhaustion and spiritual fatigue, God will give us rest. All He asks is that we come to Him...that we spend a while thinking about Him, meditating on Him, listening in silence, occupying ourselves with Him-totally and thoroughly lost in the hiding place of His presence" - Charles Swindon

Graduates Christian Fellowship  & Community for Spiritual Formation
Weekly Noonday Lectio Divina & Prayer (Thursdays)

Time: 12,30-1.30pm  

  (#05-04 North Bridge Centre-GCF/FES Conference room

    (opposite National Library)

-    Building the Spiritual discipline of individual timeout  mid week, in quietness and solitude to centre upon God amidst our work routines in the marketplace
-    Supporting one another in the Christian Spirituality of waiting upon God, meditating on His Word and prayer

As the press of work pauses at noon,

May God's rest be upon us.
As the sun rides high at noon,

May the Sun of Righteousness shine upon us.
As the rain refreshes the stained, stale streets,

May the Spirit bring rain upon our dry ground

-    # taken from Midday Prayer by the Community of Aidan and Hilda, UK. 

"The GCF-CSF noonday prayer fellowship on Thursday allows me to be silent with God on midday. I enjoy the fellowship with Him and with friends over prayer. The Lectio Divina prayer of reading, meditation and prayer allows me to be personal with Him.Praying that more brothers and sisters can join us and benefit  as we pause from work and come before God
Join us and know the difference"  Participant  Philip Chia
"Thursday Noonday prayer gives me the opportunity to come together in a small group to spend quiet time in prayer (Ps 46:10) and lunch felllowship therafter. Certainly, I experience deep connection as we read God's Word and reflect on my life and the wonderful blessings. To be connected and have this special intimate relationship in our Lord Jesus demands my obedience".   Participant Kee Eng